The internet has become one of the things that are very well known and needed by many people in the world. The internet is like opium for people, do not know old or young, even almost all fields of education in the world need the internet to add information and advance the level of education. Those who struggle in the field of education, both instructors and participants of learning, have recognized the presence and benefits of the internet as a medium that has succeeded in creating a rapidly developing high-speed online education industry in the world.

Education is no longer limited by location, wealth, time, or status. Today, there are so many online learning sites that are continually innovating, adding new courses with teaching methods that are practical and accessible at every possible opportunity. This movement enables online learning to be the right choice at the forefront of teaching because it is always updated, refined, and improved based on feedback from the learning participants.

To explain how important online education is, it is important first to understand the main benefits, which we will describe in this article.

  1. Available for Anyone, Anytime and Anywhere

This is one of the benefits of online education, which is very interesting when compared to other non-online education. Availability is considered as one of the important foundations of online learning. Traditionally, education is limited to certain places, not even everyone can get to that place, and the time offered is also very limited.

Before online education came, we can only gain knowledge from schools, colleges, and universities. If class participants are unable to go because of something, then they might not feel that education is their choice. Since online education is present, this gives a different color to the world of education, not least in Indonesia. Regardless of your geographical location, this learning method is available from anywhere.

We can even learn a lot of knowledge only through mobile phones; those who study online from Indonesia can have the same experience as someone who learns from an office in London. The time difference is also not something that does not impede the education system anymore. Online learning material that is published consistently can make it easier for participants to choose their time in reviewing existing material.

  1. Affordable Prices

Another advantage of online learning is the overall cost is quite cheap and affordable when compared to the cost of traditional education in schools and colleges.

Not a few participants had to volunteer to borrow money from the bank to be able to continue their education, which was getting more and more expensive. Online education provides the perfect solution to this problem. The number of participants enrolled in a course can increase dramatically when taught online, without reducing the quality of the participants’ learning experiences.

  1. Flexibility

Online education gives participants flexibility over the subject they want to learn. Like the first point discussed above availability, the flexibility offered by online education gives participants a choice to study the subject they want to study anywhere and anytime.

This flexibility is very important in making education more accessible to many people around the world, and that is why online learning, in my opinion, is the future of education. Online education has bought the magic of learning to a new generation. This provides exceptional opportunities for participants who were not even available in the past 5 years.

  1. More Practical and Diverse

The digital revolution allows variation to play an increasingly large role in our daily lives. Everyone has access to so much information about so many topics that we can all find answers to every question we have.

Usually, in offline (traditional) education, learning participants may be tempted to take more general courses that cover several aspects of what they want to learn. However, online learning allows participants to be more in control of the topic and material they want to learn. From art, music, marketing, or business, photography, and other materials.

Even so, each course given needs to be delivered by a professional, someone who is at the forefront, real-world skills, not someone who is constantly immersing themselves in theory without looking at experiencing actual relevant events. This is an important consideration that can often be ignored so that it harms online participants.

  1. Does Online Education Have Disadvantages?

Even so, online education also has significant shortcomings. What might be overlooked in online education is that there is no direct interaction with the instructor though this is an absolute necessity that is needed by everyone to interact with the instructor and can provide questions directly to the instructor. Curiosity possessed by humans is a thing that is naturally present. And this is what online education cannot offer, learning participants cannot take part in discussions, and any interactions.

There are some obvious benefits to online education when comparing it to traditional education formats. I believe that utilizing this digital revolution will improve education throughout the world and encourage participants to advance, especially in their careers.