Are you a middle school teacher who wants to engage your students more interactively, or is a trainer in a large company tasked with making a training curriculum? E-learning packages in packages that provide several advantages in the creation and delivery process that is easier and less hassle.

Here are some of the advantages:

  • There are no restrictions

With limited location, time is one of the problems faced by participants and instructors in learning. In face-to-face learning, location limits some participants from participating, and location limits people from attending at certain times. E-learning facilitates learning without having to set when and where everyone interested in learning can attend.

  • More fun

Designing interactive training becomes more fun through the use of multimedia or the developed gamification method. This increases your involvement. The use of training materials that are too outdated is questionable.

  • Very suitable

In line with organizations and companies that use technology to improve day-to-day operational efficiency, internet usage is a necessity. Multinational companies that develop throughout the world have the opportunity to work with people from other countries and train all parties together, and this is a problem that is successfully overcome by e-learning by learning online.

Let’s put all of that together and apply it to life.

To increase the credibility of learning material, often a professor will call someone who is an expert in his field to give lectures in accordance with existing topics. In the traditional education model, the professor must submit an invitation to the expert and cover the costs of his flight, residence, and training.

Learning with E-Learning

With e-learning, a professor or instructor no longer has to spend a lot of money to be able to host a school. This can be done virtually, using a camera for both lecturers and students, and a microphone to facilitate the same interaction. So you can imagine the lecturer as if physically present in the room. An added benefit is that we can repeat lectures and get more out of e-learning. Absent students can view the recording, or students who are present can watch it again to increase their understanding.

Weaknesses of e-learning

Although e-learning provides many benefits, there are undeniably some disadvantages. Skills that require practice are somewhat difficult to obtain from online sources. For example, making a wooden table is something that you can easily share information with by recording videos and explaining, but it requires practice. Practicing experience is very important.

  • Isolated / isolated

Although e-learning offers convenience, flexibility, and the ability to access classes remotely at their own time, participants may feel isolated. This is because online learning is an act that is done alone for joint activities, which may give the feeling that they are acting entirely alone. As technology advances and the benefits of e-learning, and by using tools such as social media, video conferences, or discussion forums, students can be seen to be more actively communicating with professors or other students.

  • Health-related

E-learning requires the use of computers and other similar devices, and this means that eye fatigue, poor posture, and other physical problems can affect the learning process. When running an online course, it’s a good idea to send a guide about the correct sitting posture, work desk height, and recommendations for regular breaks.