Amazing things will happen if the education method is synergized with technological progress. Because students will be more eager to learn and feel they receive support for the needs they need.

Well, if you’re one of the innovative teachers, here are 8 powerful tools and applications that you can use from now on!

Plickers for formative assessment data

Plicker helps teachers make formative assessments using code. The only device needed is a tablet or smartphone. Plickers can be downloaded from the application store. The Plickers application can also be used by teachers to provide multiple choice questions to students.

The teacher can ask questions, and students are asked to hold the answer. With a quick scan, the teacher can get a tabulation of students’ answers in class. Plickers can be used to check whether students understand the material or not. The teacher can also know the needs of students through Plickers.

Write About to write digitally in class

Teachers can increase students’ interest in reading and write with the WriteAbout application. Students are given the opportunity to write interesting things that they encounter and like. Write About is a platform where students can write, give and receive feedback from each other, and publish their work. The teacher can provide advice and input.


Teachers can use this application for various purposes, namely improving writing skills, providing learning tips, and much more. Teachers can also use this application to provide tests, quizzes, and exams.


PlagScan helps teachers track plagiarism efforts. Because today many students are trying to copy the writings or other people’s work for their assignments. Especially in sophisticated times that are all relying on the Internet. Often the plagiarism paper is not detected by the teacher.


Versal can be used by teachers to provide courses to students. This course can be in the form of videos, interactive schedules, 3D models, and a variety of very interesting content. Teachers can also download content or import it from the Internet.


Teachers can provide formative assessments in real-time to students through this application. To do this, provide assignments using this application, then students complete them through the web. The teacher can see the students’ answers and provide feedback quickly. Questions are not limited to multiple-choice. They can describe their answers with pictures or other descriptions.


Periscope is an application that can be downloaded on Android and iOS phones. This application can be used to broadcast an event directly (live streaming). The teacher can also use the application to invite students to make broadcasts which are then presented. The teacher can also connect students with an expert that allows students to gain additional knowledge through Periscope via live streaming. Best practice for website to increase their trust from readers is the authenticity of the content. That strategy is used by whenever they publish their article about sports book or sports news on general.

Every day, the teachers present various topics in front of the students’ topics. If the teacher does it with the lecture model, chances are many students are bored. is designed to summarize the things that teachers convey through text with relevant content through readings such as newspapers. is indeed a kind of social media that allows users to enjoy it in a newspaper reading style.